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Mid-21st century software designer Lisa Wilson mysteriously vanishes from Earth and finds herself on an alien planet called Vonda--thousands of light-years distant. Despite the hospitality of the Vondan people, the young Earth woman desperately searches for a way back home-- fearing a festering evil that is obvious to her, yet unknown to her Vondan hosts. Unable to return home, Lisa becomes entangled in a sinister web of intrigue and murder that threatens to destroy the Vondan civilization.
THE BORAINIAN SECTOR--Historical Timeline of The Borainian Sector and the High Confederation of Planets ™



5,000+ revolutions ago: ?

1,000--5,000 revolutions ago:
Civilization began on a number of worlds in the Borainian Sector including the Thales ™, K'Taak ™, and The Hive. Vondan ™ recorded history begins.

500--1,000 revolutions ago:
Some of the more advanced races of the Borainian Sector achieve interstellar travel early and begin to explore, colonize, and exploit various worlds.

250--500 revolutions ago:
Many of the races of the Borainian Sector achieve interstellar travel through independent invention or exchanges of technology. Free trade is expanded and interstellar wars began to erupt across the Sector.

100--250 revolutions ago:
Nas arrives on Vonda and brings an end to anarchy. Vonda advances rapidly and becomes an interstellar power in an unprecedented amount of time.

50--100 revolutions ago:
To stem the tide of interstellar conflict and enhance trade, Vonda proposes the formation of a union of planets of the Borainian Sector. A few peoples such as the Thales agreed to the proposed charter, but many other races refused to surrender their autonomy to a centralized government. After further negotiations, the charter was amended to a membership known as the High Confederation of Planets with the establishment of a decision making body known as the Sectoral Assembly made up of representatives from each member race.

10--50 revolutions ago:
The Rogue Wars are fought between HCP ™ members and various pirate groups that raided various trade routes throughout the Borainian Sector. K'Taak and The Hive become the newest members of the HCP. The K'Taak form the backbone of the HCP Defense Strategy

1--10 revolutions ago:
As relations and trade increase among the members of the HCP, many members see such things as violations of the "hands-off" policies as stated in the Articles of the HCP. The Zathos being the most vocal on the debate.

THE BORAINIAN SECTOR--History of the High Confederation of Planets--by Mark Vaughan


The birth pangs of the HCP began when the Vondans, who were still new to interstellar travel, began to notice the widespread interstellar conflict and exploitation that occurred in the Borainian Sector and feared that they, themselves might become a victim of such. They formed a government charter based on the Vondan government as a model. They contacted various races in the Borainian Sector and proposed this as an alternative to the constant strife of interstellar anarchy. A few races, most notably the Thales, were agreeable, but the majority were not. Most liked the idea of some sort of impartial legislative body, but did not wish to give up their autonomy in favor of a centralized government. Still others were opposed to any kind of controls whatsoever.

As a result, the Vondans decided on a compromise that hopefully would be acceptable to the other races and still be a viable form of government. They proposed a confederacy be formed allowing the member worlds to retain their own autonomy, but provide representatives to a decision making body that would help solve diplomatic issues among the members. A list of articles was drawn up establishing certain rights to be granted and precedents to be followed. The first gathering of the new Sectoral Assembly met to debate and ratify the Articles of the High Confederation of Planets. The Articles included the right of representation in the Confederation; the right of sovereignty of each member; the freedom from governmental/ member interference of another member's internal affairs; the obligation of each member to provide for the common defense of the HCP itself.

Since its inception, the HCP has solved many of the territorial and trade disputes of its members and significantly reduced piracy and interstellar conflict. However, because of its laissez-faire focus, it has been difficult for the HCP™ to enforce its policies on those members who disagree with the Sectoral Assembly. Historically, the best the Assembly could do in terms of punitive measures was voting to invoke sanctions or embargoes against an offending member. The issue of noninterference among HCP members continues to be a hotly debated issue in the Sectoral Assembly. Often, deciding what actions between member worlds are "interference" are usually decided on a case-per-case basis.

Vonda has had its own difficulties involving the HCP even though it was the "Founding Father." On many occasions, the Vondan government, businesses, or ministry efforts have extended aid or support to other HCP members who were in need or just to be neighborly. Some objection by certain members has occurred on the grounds that it is "interference" with the internal affairs of another HCP member. This interpretation was hardly what the founders had in mind when they drafted the Articles, but modern day politicians interpret them with a different mindset.

Fortunately, the Sectoral Assembly has not given much credence to such objections since these "violations" made by the Vondans were beneficial and with the permission of the other member involved. This issue has been especially difficult with respect to some Vondans who believe it is their calling to proselytize the other races or send out missions teams to other worlds. This kind of activity is frowned on by the Sectoral Assembly who holds the government of Vonda responsible to control the actions of its citizens. This is very difficult for the Vondan government to resolve since the evangelizing of non-humans has long been a great controversy on Vonda and the government has taken no official position on the issue. Nevertheless, there are Vondans even today who feel that they must "obey the Provider regardless of what the 'World' says" and continue their clandestine efforts to "save the lost brothers of other worlds."

THE BORAINIAN SECTOR--Main Character Biographies




Full Name: Crown Princess Cortene Elise Domtry of the Royal House of Vonda.
Age: 31
Date/Place of Birth:1604 Rev. in the city of Antara on the planet Vonda.
Parents: King Hancha and Queen Zetti Domtry of the Royal House of Vonda.
Education: Trained by private instructors and tutors since birth. Holds the equivalent of two university degrees in Political Science and Vondan History.
Profession: Ruling monarch of the Royal House of Vonda.
Marital Status: Single, never married.
Religious Beliefs: Dedicated follower of the Provider and has believed in the Provider since childhood.
Interests: History, literature, art, science, ministering to the poor, and interior decorating.
Special skills: Wisdom, discernment, moral certainty, patience, and attention to detail. She has a vast knowledge of Vondan law, government, and politics.
Personality: Cortene has a royal dignity and confidence honed by years of training. As a leader, she is also compassionate, caring, and sincere. In private, she is very kind, loving, and gentle--yet with tremendous strength of will and character.
Background: All of her life, Cortene has been raised and trained to be just what she is--a member of the Royal Family. From an early age, she was exposed to the daily operations of governing Vonda and it's satellites. Her parents taught her to love the Provider and His Word above all and that power, position, and wealth were meaningless without love and compassion. During the Rogue Wars, Cortene served as a nursing assistant in the military hospital in Antara. As firstborn in her generation, she is the Crown Princess and heir apparent to the Royal House of Vonda. In 1634 Rev., King Hancha and Queen Zetti stepped down as the ruling monarchs and retired to live on the Vondan moon of Splevos. Cortene ascended to the throne and has been the ruler of Vonda since that time.



Full Name: Lisa Wilson
Age: 28
Date/Place of Birth: 2021 AD, Northridge, California, United States of America, planet Earth.
Parents: Benjamin and Nita Wilson.
Education: Bachelors of Arts degree in World History; Masters of Science degree in Information Systems--California State University Northridge.
Profession: Formerly employed as a software design engineer for Zyrix Corporation of Canyon City, California.
Marital Status: Single, never married.
Religious Beliefs: Originally was raised in a Christian home, but since has abandoned those beliefs after a tragic incident in which both of her parents were killed.
Interests: Mountain trips, astronomy, history, and anything to do with computers.
Special skills: Expert kickboxer, photographic memory, and excellent target shooter.
Personality: Lisa is very sensitive and easily offended by people that mean her no harm. She is somewhat insecure, especially when she first arrives on Vonda.
Background: After the death of her parents, Lisa was determined to make a new start in life and went to college to pursue a degree in Information Systems. After graduation, she went to work as a software design engineer for Zyrix Corporation. While vacationing at her favorite place of solitude, Mt. Pinos, she mysteriously vanished and found herself on another planet called Vonda.



Full Name: Sylvan Shallot
Age: 36
Date/Place of Birth: 1599 Rev. In the city of Antara on the planet Vonda.
Parents: Kabort and Yansee Shallot.
Education: Degrees in Agricultural Science and Military Studies from the University of Vonda at Antara. Graduated with honors.
Profession: Senator to the Royal Vondan Senate; Ambassador to the Sectoral Senate of the High Confederation of Planets™; General Manager of the Shallot Estate; former Captain in the Vondan Royal Army.
Marital Status: Single, never married.
Religious Beliefs: Raised in a secure family environment. Devoted follower of the Provider.
Interests: Astronomy, space travel, and politics.
Special skills: Mechanical and electronic technology, team leadership, military strategy and tactics, surveillance.
Personality: Sylvan is a man of many facets--personally, he is an easygoing , gentle man with a wry wit; in the senate chambers, a competent, and skilled diplomat; in a combat situation, a courageous and formidable warrior and leader. He is also a caring, compassionate Christian man who puts the Lord Provider ahead in all things.
Background: Sylvan had a normal childhood and was able to attend the best Vondan schools. He served in the Vondan Royal Army as a technical specialist and infantry logistics officer initially. He served alongside his father, Kabort Shallot during the Rogue Wars and was promoted to the rank of Captain before retiring from the military. He was appointed to the Vondan Senate both as Senator and Ambassador to the Sectoral Senate of the High Confederation of Planets of which Vonda is a member. He has served in this position for the past five revolutions. He also runs the Shallot Estate farming operation for his parents who are enjoying a comfortable retirement. He is romantically attracted to Princess Cortene, but is very guarded about this because of her position and possible political ramifications.



Full Name: Vonreel Dijarr
Age: 49
Date/Place of Birth: 1586 Rev. on the planet Yangor in the Borainian Sector.
Parents: Unknown.
Education: The equivalent of a Doctorate in Local Sector Civilizations from the Planetary University of Dolann on the planet Regdola.
Profession: Royal Attendant to Crown Princess Cortene of the Royal Court of Vonda.
Marital Status: Single, never married.
Religious Beliefs: Ardent follower of the Provider.
Interests: Vondan history, flower arranging.
Special skills: In depth knowledge of Royal protocols for the Royal House of Vonda as well as royal courts on other planets in the Borainian Sector.
Personality: Always very prim and proper, vet very loving and deeply compassionate. Her wisdom and expertise is a valuable resource to the Royal House of Vonda and the Royal Senate.
Background: As a young child, Vonreel was captured by the space pirate Tetra Foone when her village on Yangor was raided by Foone's forces. She became a slave girl aboard Tetra Foone's flagship frigate. She was freed in 1624 Rev. by Colonel Kabort Shallot during the Rogue Wars. She was allowed to attend the University on Regdola with the condition that she would relocate to Vonda and work at the Shallot Estate upon completion of her schooling. Queen Zetti was so impressed with Vonreel that she was offered a lifetime appointment as Royal Attendant to the Monarchs of the Royal House of Vonda. In 1634 Rev. King Hancha and Queen Zetti turned over rulership of Vonda to their daughter--Crown Princess Cortene. The King and Queen retired to the moon Splevos and Vonreel remained in the Royal Court to serve Cortene.

Lisa pulled her car into a visitor’s parking area after spending several hours driving to reach the Mt. Pinos Recreation Area in the Southern California mountains. She felt like she had just escaped from Canyon City where she lived as an apartment dweller. Her place was comfortable and pleasant enough, but she often felt so small and insignificant living there--a single star in a vast galaxy of rental units. Getting out the car, Lisa took a look about as if surveying her surroundings. "Yes! this is it! it’s perfect!" she said with delight as she watched the wind blowing through the trees. She opened the trunk of her car and began to pull out several items--food, cold box, blanket, and her electronic diary. Choosing a likely spot beneath a nearby pine grove, she brought her things over and began to unpack. Lisa was enjoying a relaxed picnic lunch on a gentle, green slope adjacent to the vehicle parking area. It was a warm, pleasant day--cloudless blue sky, sunlight streaming through the pines. Lisa could already feel her spirit beginning to relax. "What a wonderful afternoon! I think I have everything. . .Hmm" Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flew across the hard blue sky. The powerful, thick bolt shot from horizon to horizon passing directly overhead. An earth-shaking thunderclap followed quickly. Then, Lisa noticed an even stranger thing--the sky changed color--from blue to violet, then red, orange, yellow and finally, green. It was all happening so fast, but what was happening? Another bolt of lightning struck across the sky. A wave of queasiness came over her--everything seemed to be swimming and spinning as she lost consciousness.

THE BORAINIAN SECTOR--Book One: An Alien From Earth--Definitions of Terms

Air Coupe: A vehicle designed for near surface transit. The craft will carry two people with room for extra gear. It is equipped with various types of sensors and has an on-board computer with keyboard interface. The air coupe is kept aloft by an antigravity mechanism, but it can rise no higher than six meters above ground level. In addition to the main drive thruster, the air coupe has several strategically placed maneuvering thrusters which enable the craft to turn and bank It is powered by a standard ion drive and has a maximum speed of 300 kph.

Antara: Capital city of the planet Vonda. Home of the Shallot Estate, Government Center, and Royal Palace.

Antigrav Tanks/Artillery: Armored fighting vehicles and heavy weapons using antigravity units and reaction thrusters for propulsion.

Assault Lander: Heavily armed and armored shuttle used to land and deploy troops under heavy fire conditions.

Behemoth: Large, reptilian predator native to Vonda that resembles a Terran horned toad and is the size of an elephant. They hunt mostly during the daylight hours.

Bishop: Leader of the Vondan™ church and presides over services in the Royal Cathedral.

Cargo Carrier: Shuttle designed to carry small cargoes for extended distances.

Crown of Vonda: Chain of five mountains in a ring formation in the Great Vondan Alp region of the Vondan continent of Sh'uss.

Courtyard, The: Central depression surface in the middle of the Crown-of-Vonda formation.

Data Card: Small black device about the size of a credit card used for data storage with Vondan computer systems.

Defensive Shields: Electromagnetic force fields used to protect a vehicle, vessel, or facility from physical or energy forms of attack.

Destroyer: Small combat vessel of the Vondan Royal Space Navy often used in combat, patrol, or other mission profiles.

Enforcer: A Vondan law enforcement officer, vehicle, or headquarters.

Experimental Jet: Scratch-built prototype craft built for high altitude and sub-orbital flight.

Faster-Than-Light/FTL: Applies to any device, vehicle, life form, or phenomena that can move past the light threshold into trans-light speed.

Fringe Bandit: Wandering nomadic primitive humanoids that encroach on the fringes of Vondan civilization. They are scavengers of technological and processed goods.

Fusion Generator: A generator using pelletized deuterium bombarded by lasers in a magnetic vacuum bottle. Used by Vondans to power everything from small buildings to major cities having developed the technology by copying a small generator found in Nas' ship.

Governmenta Unita: One world government in Earth's early 21st century that forced an autocracy on the people and was ultimately overthrown by revolutionaries.

Government Complex: Secured area in the city of Antara on Vonda that contains the Royal Senate, Royal Judiciary, Royal Palace, and Royal Cathedral.

Great Vondan Alps: Great mountain region on Vonda's northern continent of Sh'uss. Is where the Crown-of-Vonda is located.

Grid Projector: Device integral to the Sperry Grid network that emits "rays" in two directions opposite from each other. Anchored in bedrock, the units are spaced every 500 meters along the network.

Half-Rotation: Half a Vondan day--nine hours.

Heavy Cruiser: Ship-of-the-line of the Vondan Royal Space Navy. Often used in heavy combat, diplomatic, or other mission profiles.

Holoviewer: Standard viewing device used on Vonda and throughout the Borainian Sector. Uses a series of laser refractors to generate a three-dimensional image on the screen.

Hoverpallet: A platform using antigravs in transporting materials for loading and unloading.

Internal Affairs, Minister: Individual responsible for addressing internal domestic problems and issues in Vondan society.

Meson Destabilizer: Device that generates an energy field that breaks down the bonds of molecular cohesion and causes objects to disintegrate.

Mosaic 7 Firmware: Software package that Lisa Wilson was developing for Zyrix Corporation at the time of her disappearance.

New Galactic Order: Political movement on Vonda promising rapid reforms by implementing a new government system.

Night Raven: Large, black nocturnal bird-of-prey native to Vonda with a venomous bite. The venom is deadly to most humanoids.

On-Board: Slang for the on-board computer in a vehicle.

One: The second moon of Vonda. While uninhabitable, the moon is rich in mineral deposits and is the principal work site for the Solomon Mining Company under exclusive contract.

Palace Guard: The best of the Royal Guard handpicked to guard the Government Center facilities and the Royal Palace.

Planetary Security, Minister: Serves as Vonda's secretary of defense and the one responsible for carrying out Vondan military policy.

Plasma Pistol/Carbine: High-energy plasma hand weapons that use a particle beam as a delivery system.

Prime Minister: Official that carries out the administrative decisions of the ruling monarch.

Provider, The: Central figure of the Vondan belief system.

Pulse Grenade: Small explosive device that uses an ultrasonic pulse and a blinding flash of light to overload the neurons of its targets and render them unconscious without causing permanent injury or damaging equipment.

Quarter-Rotation: One-quarter of a Vondan day equivalent to four and one-half hours.

Remote Unit: Portable sensing device and direction finder. Can tie-in to an on-board vehicle computer.

Revolution: The time it takes the planet Vonda to orbit it's sun. Used to describe the Vondan year.

Robo-Hauler: Automated freight hauling vehicle with a low profile.

Rotation: The time it takes Vonda to rotate on its axis. Used to describe the Vondan day (18 hours).

Royal Army: Branch of the Vondan Royal Armed Forces. Usually deploys ground troops, garrison troops, and ground vehicles.

Royal Cathedral: Church attended by Vondan Royalty and government officials.

Royal Escort Squadron: Squadron of fighters detached from the Royal Guard to serve as escorts for the Royal Transport.

Royal Guard: Branch of the Vondan Royal Armed Forces. Made up of the best troops, weapons, vehicles, and ships from all the other branches. Often used as an elite reserve, or security for the Royalty.

Royal Marines: Branch of the Vondan Royal Armed Forces. Usually deploys troops and vehicles for foreign soil operations and for Royal Space Naval vessels.

Royal Palace: Where the Royal Family resides and conducts business of the Royal Court. Is one of the most opulent and beautiful buildings on Vonda.

Royal Space Navy: Branch of the Vondan Royal Armed Forces. Maintains fleets of military spacecraft for various combat and other operations.

Royal Transport: Spacecraft used exclusively by the Royal Family for official business requiring travel offworld.

Seambrii: Vondan native alphabet used interchangeably with standard Earth English characters.

Sectoral Assembly: Governing body of the High Confederation of Planets made up of representatives from throughout the Borainian Sector.

Senate Building: Building in the Government Complex where members of the Royal Senate meet and conduct business.

Sensor Monitor: Individual responsible for observing sensor readouts on a military vessel or base.

Servo-Drone: Automaton designed for multiple general labor tasks. Drones vary in design and specialty functions.

Sh'uss: Northern continent on Vonda. The most prominent feature is the Vondan Great Alps.

Skimmer: A small, one-man antigrav sled-like vehicle propelled by maneuvering thrusters.

Slither Snake: An ophidian life form found on Vonda. There are several species-- some of which are venomous.

Spatial-Temporal Anomaly: A compound interfacing warp in the space-time continuum when space-time at one location is somehow linked to space-time elsewhere, translating things from one to the other.

Sperry Grid: A magnetically suspended structure composed of parallel light beams. The beams or "rays" are emitted by grid projectors. Air coupes travel on the rays, drawing power and automatic guidance from them.

Splevos: The largest of the three moons of Vonda, which has been made habitable through artificial atmospheric generation. Home of the Royal Palace on Splevos, in the capital city of Spaniwaa near the Sea of Splevos. This is the seat of government for the offworld colonies and satellites of Vondan Space.

Sterilizer: A household appliance that automatically cleans and sterilizes dinnerware and eating utensils with sonic scrubbers.

Stun Pistol/Stunner: A weapon using a electrostatic charge carried along by a particle beam to its target. On it's standard setting, it is non-lethal and is a favorite among enforcers, security guards, and those feeling the need for personal protection.

Tartberries: A berry native to Vonda known for it sour taste. They are high in Vitamin C and are a recommended part of the Vondan diet.

Troop Carrier: A large, military shuttle designed for rapid deployment of troops in combat situations. Accommodates 30-50 men.

Trans-light Drive: A Faster-Than-Light drive system that causes an interdimensional rift around a starship in normal space allowing it to surpass the speed of light for interstellar travel.

Two: The third and smallest moon of Vonda. Essentially nothing more than a small asteroid.

Vond: The sun of the planet Vonda; A G5 spectral type star.

Vonda: A planet in the Borainian Sector inhabited by humans who have adopted the "Way of the Provider." Conditions on Vonda approximate Earth norms with the exception of a green sky, slightly heavier gravity, a shorter daily cycle, and a smaller circumference.

Vondan Citizen's Medal of Freedom: Honor awarded to civilians who have performed an extraordinary service in the cause of freedom.

Vondan Emergency Powers Act: Legal precedent granting the Royal Senate the power to nominate a new prime minister in the event of an emergency where the former prime minister is deceased or incapacitated. If the Royalty is also nonexistent, the new prime minister then becomes the supreme chancellor with broad discretionary powers to invoke martial law to deal with the emergency.

Vondan Order of Valor: Highest military honor to be awarded on Vonda regardless of branch.

This is a reference to the various star systems of the High Confederation of Planets ™ and the Borainian Sector itself. Note that it is not a complete listing of all, but some of the more prominent of interest. This reference will continue to be updated as new worlds/species are discovered or as some become more visible in the light of current events. Note: With the exception of Vonda, the others will make appearances in Book II and future works.

Rogue Space

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


Whether you have been a Christian for years, someone who was a believer but has fallen away, or even one who never darkened the door of a church, there is good news. God, your Heavenly Father, has a plan and purpose for your life. It is not his intention that you wander aimlessly in a futile search for meaning and happiness. Just as man has a purpose in mind for what he creates, so does God. "I [Christ] am come that they might have life and that they might have it abundantly." John 10:10.

Heaven is open and available to you!

Heaven that is, eternal life, is offered to you by God freely as a gift. "...the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 6:23. It is not something we can earn for ourselves. Trying to be a good person, doing good works, following philosophical/religious practices, or even going to church will not buy your way into heaven. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God; not of works, lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2:8-9

Heaven is not earned!

Man is sinful and has disobeyed God's law (The Holy Bible) by doing wrong things and having evil thoughts "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23. Man was created to have relationship with God, but man decided to go his own way and broke that relationship. This rebellion against God and His law is what the Bible calls sin. For this reason, man now experiences eternal separation from God, which we call death. "For the wages of sin is death..." Romans 6:23.

Man cannot redeem himself from his sins!

Just as a convicted murderer cannot escape a death sentence by doing community service, neither can a sinner find absolution through doing good deeds. Even if a man committed only one sin in his lifetime, he would still be accountable to God "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all." James 2:10

God is both merciful and just!

God loves his children and does not want to punish them. "...God is love" I John 4:8 But God is also just and must judge sin. "...that will by no means clear the guilty..." Exodus 34:7 A courtroom judge would not be considered just if he did not pass sentence the law requires on a convicted felon, so God would not be just if He did not punish according to His own law in the Bible.

God sent his son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins!

God sent his son Jesus into the world for the salvation of mankind. He led a sinless life and showed mankind the way to eternal life and relationship with God. He died on the cross and paid the penalty for our sins. "All we like sheep are gone astray: we have turned, every one, to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all." Isaiah 53:6 "But God commendeth His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

Faith in Jesus Christ is the only true way to God!

Jesus Christ is the only provision for man's sin and the only way to have relationship with God. "...I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6 The way to accept God's gift of eternal life is to believe and trust that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for your sins. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..." Acts 16:31

You can receive the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ RIGHT NOW!

Once you have believed in Christ's payment for your sins, you must receive Him into your heart as your personal savior. "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him..." Revelation 3:20 Pray and ask Jesus to come into your heart and let him be Lord of your life. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation... Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:10,13 Having Jesus as Lord means to forsake living your life your way and then following and obeying him by what is written in God's Word (the Holy Bible). Here is a suggested prayer:

Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner and have rebelled against you. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I believe in faith that you paid the penalty for my sins that I might have eternal life and relationship with God. Come in and take control of my life, forgive my sins and be my Lord. I repent of my sins and put my trust in you for my salvation. Help me be the person you want me to be. Amen.
If you are already a Christian and know that you need to get yourself right with God, here is a suggested prayer for you:

Lord Jesus, please forgive me for not being the kind of follower you wanted me to be. I have paid you lip service, but have not truly made you the Lord of my life. I confess and repent of my sins and ask that you wash me in your precious blood and make me clean. Let me now walk in the spirit and not pursue the lusts of the flesh. Help me to pray, be obedient to your word, and live to serve you with all of my mind, heart, soul, spirit, and strength. Anoint me with your Holy Spirit and make me the Man/Woman of God you want me to be. Amen.
If you prayed one of these prayers and meant it will all of your heart, you are now part of God's Family. "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name." John 1:12

Now that you are reconciled to God...

Just as a child needs nourishment to grow physically, you, as a child of God need "spiritual nourishment" to continue to grow spiritually. Do the following to insure your continual growth as a Christian:

Make prayer part of your daily routine (John 15:7)
Read God's Word in the Bible daily (Acts 17:11). Start with one chapter a day in the gospel of John.
Find a church that teaches the Bible and embraces Jesus Christ and attend regularly (Hebrews 10:25)
Be a witness for Jesus Christ--tell others about Him and what he has done in your life (Matthew 10:32-33)


FAQ about the science fiction saga: The Borainian Sector--with Chris Connely.


Project Coordinator Chris Connely
Q: What is The Borainian Sector?

A: Basically, it's a Christian-based science fiction story, or more accurately, a Christian space fantasy. The Borainian Sector is actually the name of the entire saga. The first installment (Book One), entitled, An Alien from Earth is the first novel in the book series. At some point, we really want to produce a full-length motion picture, if that is the Lord's plan. We already have an outline and some material written for the second book in the series.

Q: Where is the Borainian Sector supposed to be exactly?

A: The Borainian Sector is a region of space consisting of thousands of stars and planets inside of a star cluster in our own galaxy--a globular star cluster called Omega Centauri. It is the brightest one visible from Earth and lies about 5,000 light years above the galactic plane. It is roughly 17,000 light years away.

Q: What is the goal of the Borainian Sector project?

A: We are trying to reach the unchurched and Christians that are not currently close to the Lord and have some fun as well! In our opinion, there are a lot of people in this country that have been disheartened or "turned-off" by churches and Christianity. These are the people that won't set foot inside a church or go to a Bible study, but many of them would read a good science fiction story or go to an exciting movie. The story of Book One is fascinating from beginning to end. It is a high-tech adventure that features space battles, political intrigue, and even a girl from Earth who has a conversion experience. The story should especially appeal to teenagers and young adults. God's love and forgiveness are major themes.


Q: What's the story about?

A: In a nutshell, it's about a young lady form Earth named Lisa who gets transported to Vonda, a planet in the Borainian Sector. She has a number of adventures with the Vondans and, because of their Christian example, ends up embracing the Provider (God), whom she ran from on Earth. Later in the book, Lisa helps the citizens of Vonda win a military victory over an evil conspiracy that was trying to enslave the planet.

Q: Are other people helping with the writing?

A: yes, I have a wonderful co-writer named Mark Vaughan. He is very gifted in the area of science fiction. He also designs and plays table-top miniatures war games. I was invited to participate in a Star Wars game that Mark designed and set up at his home. It had a role-playing element to it, as well. I was Han Solo. It was a blast!

Q: What is your favorite character in the story?

A: Her name is Princess Cortene and she is the de-facto ruler of the Vondan System. Cortene is a great role model because she is very honest and godly. She doesn't have a dark side or skeletons in the closet. She's also smart and beautiful.

Q: What was the inspiration for An Alien from Earth?

A: I really was greatly influenced by George Lucas' Star Wars. After working on several writing projects with friends, I felt a need to express my Christianity in a science fiction story. After working with ideas for several months, I had a dream one night in March 1978, in which the details for the first chapter were clearly presented. I worked on the plot line and the text for several years, with consultation from some other writers. Then, The Borainian Sector sat on the shelf until the Summer of 1999.

Q: What made you decide to write science fiction?

A: It was a natural for me--being a Star Trek and Star Wars enthusiast. Also, I've had a serious interest in astronomy and have been an avid amateur astronomer since I was in high school. I've been blessed with the ability to design and build my own telescopes and several years ago, I was asked to teach some astronomy lab classes at C. S. U. Fresno. I had a total of eighty students. It was quite an experience, but fun and fulfilling. Astronomy can get very involved, with all the math and physics, but you don't need that to enjoy the stars. The really neat thing is that God made it all! The Bible says so. Just think, on a clear, dark night out in the country, or in the mountains, you can view the Andromeda galaxy with the unaided eye, even though it is over 2 million light years away. This is one of our closest extragalactic neighbors. Is God awesome or what?! The cool thing about science fiction is that, according to the late Dr. Isaac Asimov, it is the highest form of literary expression and can incorporate all the other styles of writing. We are not the first to write a Christian Science Fiction novel. Thankfully, there have been many gifted writers that have come before us. Two excellent books are: "Escape from the Twisted Planet" by H.L. Myra and "The Dream Voyagers" by T. Davis Bunn.

Q: Anything else?

A: Yes. I'd like to make a distinction between The Borainian Sector and other science fiction stories. I'll use Star Wars as an example. In Star Wars, the universe is Force centered. Almost everything in the saga revolves around either the good or "dark" side of the Force. According to the story, the Force is an energy field that binds the galaxy together. It is an impersonal, godless environment. On the other hand, in The Borainian Sector, we have a Christ centered universe; where He created everything, holds it together and enables His children to overcome sin and evil by the power he freely gives them. Which ideal would you want your child to embrace? Children love valiant heroes and good role models. We're out to give them some good, godly ones.

Our space saga, The Borainian Sector, is a multi-media project with a difference. It is more about touching people than making money. It is also a training ground for Christians with interests in the arts. Of course, it is also a platform for encouraging Christians and evangelizing the unchurched.

One more thing and then I'm done. I'd like to say a big Thank You to the many gifted writers and artists who have brought such variety and imagination to the world of science fiction. Thank you for inspiring us all. I'd also like to thank King Jesus. You are my Lord and the "Provider" of all good things. God bless you all.

Key Bible Verses for the Project: Colossians 1:16, 17, John 1:1-4, I Corinthans 15:41


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